8 Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus That Need Your Attention

8 Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus That Need Your Attention

8 Symptoms of diabetes mellitus that need your attention – The number of people with diabetes continues to rise each year. Just look around you, there will always be family, friends, or acquaintances that have this disease. Diabetes mellitus or the type two of diabetes is a disease that is associated with lifestyle, which is not run the healthy living, i.e. diet, exercise, obesity, and sleep patterns.

The disease cannot be cured. But according our Health and Beauty Tips’s dictionary, the actuality of 2nd type of diabetes is a disease whose development is running slower than other chronic diseases. The course of the disease can occur for months, even years. Symptoms appeared gradually, until sometimes difficult to detect.

8 Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus That Need Your Attention

The characteristics of type two of diabetes can actually be a distinct advantage for us to be more vigilant against the disease. In addition to regular blood sugar checks, there are some symptoms of diabetes mellitus that you need to be aware of 8 symptoms of diabetes mellitus that need your attention, with the following characteristics:

1. Fast thirsty
Polydipsia is a condition in which a person feels excessive thirst and often an early symptom of diabetes. Sometimes a person will feel dry in the mouth area. However, this phenomenon does not mean someone must have diabetes because people who do strenuous activity and hot weather can also make us easy thirsty. However, beware if you are still hungry even after a lot of drinking. Easy thirst occurs because an excess sugar level in the blood absorbs water continuously from the network thus making dehydration.

2. Many urination
Many drinking means frequent urination also. More frequent bowel movements than normal and abnormal urine volume called Polyuria. Adults normally excrete one to two liters of urine per day. Do not underestimate the condition always wanted to urinate, especially at night. Severe dehydration due to frequent urination can affect kidney function.

3. Fast hungry
Poliphagia is a condition in which a person experiences excessive hunger and is one of the three main symptoms of diabetes. Lack of insulin for glucose to enter the cells will make organs and muscles weakened as well as the body runs out of energy. The brain will think less energy because of lack of food so that the body tries to increase food intake by sending hunger signals.

4. Weight loss
Despite increased appetite, diabetics can lose their weight, even very decreased drastically. Adulthood, the human body weight tends to be stable from year to year. Increased or decreased 1-2 pounds are common thing, but you have to be careful when your weight changes up to 5 percent of body weight. It means that your weight decreased drastically. The cause is the ability of impaired glucose metabolisme; your body will use anything else as 'fuel', for example, muscle and fat so that you will look thinner. That’s why you need the healthy food for diabetes.

5. Feeling tired and weak unusual
Shortage of sugar will cause a lack of energy. Body of work will be slowed and even muscle or fat burning during do some activities.

6. Blurred vision
Blood sugar that is too high will take fluid from the body, even the fluid in the eye lens! Dehydration of this type will affect the ability to concentrate and ended in total vision loss if not treated in the long term.

7. Recovery wound prolonged or frequent infections
Type 2 diabetes affects the body's ability to heal wounds or fight infection. Wounds will take few weeks to recover as well as potentially infected and require medical treatment. If you are experiencing this, be aware of the disease behind it, including diabetes.

8. Dark skin color
Patients with type 2nd of diabetes have dark spots, skin softening and folds in the body. This condition called Acanthosis Nigricans. Usually there are spots and folds in the armpits and around the neck. This condition also indicates insulin disorders.

From the description above, you should realize that it is very important to maintain your health, especially if you know the symptoms and risk that caused by diseases, especially as this diabetes. Therefore, from now on you should really care and maintain your health, practise your healthy living and consume the healthy food for diabetes If you have been suffering from the disease; as well as be aware of the symptoms that may have been hinted at by the body, as well as 8 symptoms of diabetes mellitus that need your attention.


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