Tips to Maintain Body Health with Alkaline Food

Tips to Maintain Body Health with Alkaline Food

Tips to Maintain Body Health with Alkaline Food – The high pollution that hit us in the last decades bring to the result of the uncertainty of climate and weather must have been felt by the most of us lately has had an impact on increasing the vulnerability of our bodies. According to our Health and Beauty Tips dictionary, various diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, or other factors have been growing rapidly. They can affect our body anytime and anywhere. And one form of mild attack or the early attack to our body is the inflammation.

Mango-Tips to Maintain Body Health with Alkaline Food

As we know that inflammation is the body's reaction to the entry of microorganisms and other foreign objects that interfere. Invasion of microorganisms or foreign objects affects the acidity of the body. Symptoms that can be seen and felt among others, heat, swelling, pain or interfere with the function of other organs.

On the other hand, alkaline foods are foods that contain nutrients or pH hydro power more than 7 or so-called alkaline pH. This PH level is useful to neutralize the acidity in the body and is useful in reducing the inflammatory symptoms that occur therein.

Therefore, to reduce the inflammatory symptoms, it would be good if we listen Tips to Maintain Body Health with Alkaline Food below. These tips actually utilize some type of alkaline foods consumed for the purpose of reducing the inflammatory symptoms. Well, here are the types of food alkali:
1. Mango

This fruit is rich in nutrients in the form of vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium. The pH 8.5 is content that owned by this fruit.

2. Cantaloupe
Usually this cantaloupe fruit enjoyed directing to consume or process them first into juice. Nutritional content in the form of vitamin A and potassium. The content of the pH at 8.5.

3. Watermelon
The fruit is known as the fruit is low in calories and contains lycopene, a substance that serves to enhance the immune system or immune system. In addition, the fruit is also rich in nutrients in the form of vitamin A and C content owned pH of 8.8.

4. Kiwi
The nutritional content of this kiwi is a combination of vitamin C and a pH of 8.6. That is why this fruit has its own uniqueness.

5. Melon
This fruit has been known to have a high content of nutrients, potassium, fiber, water and other nutrients that are beneficial to the body. The pH content of the fruit is 8.5.

6. Tangerines
Nutritional content of tangerines in the form of vitamin C and fiber. This fruit has amazing pH, is pH 8.5. The content is fairly high pH because it has a regular orange has pH 7.6  in general and contains other nutrients or less the same.

7. Lime
Almost all citrus certainly connoted have a sour taste because of its vitamin C content, so there is the assumption that all oranges are acidic foods. But actually the opinion is not entirely true because lime has a pH of 8.5 and a content as well as with and lime.

8. Orange lemonade or lemon
With more or less the same explanation with lime and lemon explanation above, it turns out, it's lemon contains pH 9.0. The content is quite high when compared to other types other oranges.

9. Papaya
The papaya fruit has since known to have high nutrient and have the sweetness. Since content owned pH is at 8.5.

10. Pineapple
Pineapple has long known and known to be rich in vitamin C. In addition, the pineapple is also known to have the enzyme bromelain which has proved successful for the purpose of relieving inflammation. The content of this pineapple pH at 8.5.

11. Sprouts
Nutritional content of sprouts in the form of vitamin C and vitamin K. In addition, content owned its pH is at 8.5.

Thus tips in maintaining our body's pH balance in reducing the symptoms of inflammation that occurs. Hopefully we can draw benefits for good health and our bodies from what has been described in Tips to Maintain Body Health with Alkaline Food.

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