Tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu

Tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu

Tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu – Decreasing of endurance levels is usually characterized by an easier to get flu, fever, sore throat, cough, and infections. A transition season usually makes people vulnerable to decreased immunity, so it easily the virus invades the body and cause symptoms of those illnesses. Aside from eating foods that can boost the immune system, we also need to do some things that not susceptible to a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu

Tips to Increase Endurance, so that is Immune from Viruses and Flu

Sports and maintain weight

Exercise has many benefits. In addition to toxins can be released from the body by stimulating blood circulation and boost immunity. Losing weight is also very important, because the medication or vaccination can not work with a maximum in people who are obese.

Keep your hands clean

Objects such as mobile phones, doorknobs, house keys, car steering wheel, according to research is the place inhabited by viruses and bacteria. In fact, these objects are very familiar with our hands everyday. Thus, the hand can also carry germs from everywhere including such places. You have to always diligent to hand washing with soap. Disinfection is a basic requirement if you want away from bacteria and viruses. Wash your hands to rub together, on the sidelines of a finger, and then dry them well. This is because the bacteria are more likely to stick to the fingers are wet. Do not use a wet towel to wipe their hands.

Enough time to sleep

The average healthy person is in desperate need seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Adequacy and quality of sleep will keep you healthy, and if less than seven hours can make you vulnerable to virus attacks.


We all would have been aware of the positive effects of this meditation. It will not only strengthen your mental, but also will prevent the stress that can lower your immune. Sitting in a relaxed, clean your mind, and take a breath regularly and slowly from the nose, and out of the mouth. Do this meditation a few minutes every day. You can also take a yoga class.

Eat healthy

Consuming fresh fruits are very important, because most fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will keep your immune. It is also recommended to drink good probiotic bacteria such as lactobacillus, which will keep you away from the trouble of a stomach infection.


Eating raw garlic is said to help fight the virus. You could chop 1 clove of raw garlic, and then mixed with your food.

Adequate water intake

Never disregard for the health benefits of water. Adequate water intake is always needed by the body to prevent dehydration, so the flu and infections approaching quickly recover or not.

Stay away from sweet foods contains high sugar

Sugar in any form, including sweets, drinks, or food can lower immunity and resistance to colds or flu. The immune system will stop fighting an infection for a few hours after you consume food or drink that is sweet.

Drink supplements

Tablets of vitamin C may be useful to help fight colds. Consume enough vitamins C is recommended, in any form, including supplements. Supplements of vitamin C may be very necessary for you that every day is the environment with high levels of pollution.

Stay away from stress

According of Health and Beauty Tips Dictionary, Stress can lower your immune system. Once or twice a month goes to relax your body, can with spa therapies that can make you into a completely relaxed. Relax your mind and body that can help you to cope with the antibodies and infection with a much better way.


Clean surfaces such as door handles, knobs, phones, chairs, etc. at home on a regular basis, because the place is often seized with germs. Take one liter of clean water; add a cup of vinegar, one teaspoon dish-washing liquid, and 10 or 15 drops of essential oils as a spray or a natural anti-bacterial cleanser.

So some great tips for you to know, hopefully you can take a lot of benefits from the tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu.

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