Anemia in Pregnancy and Prevention Needed

Anemia in Pregnancy and Prevention Needed

Anemia in Pregnancy and Prevention Needed – We certainly know that every person needs iron throughout his life. Iron deficiency or anemia one of which is identical with pregnancy and pregnant women. Now why could be identified that way? As understood that iron is an essential mineral and is needed by everyone. And in this case, anemia is a common problem in pregnancy due to low iron intake.

Anemia in Pregnancy and Prevention Needed
Therefore, pregnant women need more iron for a variety of reasons. The strongest reason is an iron will help the body make new blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the fetus/baby during the pregnancy period. At the end of pregnancy will have a 30-50% increase in oxygen and nutrients in the blood than when early pregnancy. Therefore, we have to care of the interference Anemia in Pregnancy and Prevention Needed also necessary so that iron can be increased by 100% of the requirement prior to pregnancy.

At near of the end of pregnancy period, the baby also will keep an iron during the first six months of life. At that time the babies usually do not get much supply of an iron as they needed it from mother's diet and their consumption of an iron is more dependent on their iron stock of its own.
In general, an examination of the potential of anemia in women is done at least twice during the pregnancy period. The first period usually occurs in the early of pregnancy period and at the age of about 28 weeks. Well, the gestation age ranges between 24-32 weeks is actually not the right time for testing or inspection of iron deficiency or anemia. Why? Because the body at the time had just experienced a huge surge in blood volume, and it takes some time to balance it. So the result of anemia examination won't be accurate if it performs in that time span. Therefore a test or re-examination of anemia should be performed during weeks 34-36 of gestation period.

In addition to causing disruption of the oxygen supply and nutrients to the fetus/infant, low the intake levels of nutrition and iron  during pregnancy can also cause a feeling more tired than usual. The body also becomes more susceptible to disease and infection, and other complications that may arise. There are several activities and conditions that become a risk factor lowering the content of an iron in the body, among others:

- Diet activities to lose weight;

- Distance pregnancy of less than two years;

- Severe bleeding during menses;

- Consume foods that they have no or low of an iron subtance;

- The verdict of anemia after inspection test because it found the lower levels of iron.
The best way to gain and increase the iron content is reset our healthy menu or our daily healthy diet. The use of iron pills are not the answer to solve this problem. Because these pills can also cause diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and prevent the body to absorb other nutrients needed. Unlike contained in the food, the iron content in these pills is also not easily absorbed by the body and generally take up to six weeks to obtain results. If It is necessary to take an additional iron, it can be considered to obtain from a liquid source, such as: Chlorophyll, Flora-Dix (vitamin), or herbs such as The Yellow Dock. For further medical instructions can visit our nearest doctor. Remember, prevent or treat anemia will make our lives better and healthy all the time.

There are many ways to help improve the absorption of iron in the diet or eating habits. One of the ways is increasing vitamin C during the absorption of iron, avoid caffeine and avoid excessive bran.

The iron substance to the diet can be obtained naturally in green leafy vegetables, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, mustard spoon, beans, tofu, red bean, black eyed peas. In addition, all made from whole grain breads and cereals, eggs, rice converted, processed pasta and red meat also supply it.


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