Bingeing, When the Food Takes a Control to the Emotions

Bingeing, When the Food Takes a Control to the Emotions

Bingeing, when the food takes a control to the emotions – In some people it may be easy to live and capable through the inner pressure, boredom and stress with positive activities. However, in some people that would otherwise be difficult to pass through it. They got trouble to wreak the pressure of their soul and also their saturation pressure that may be caused by feelings of sadness, anger and confusion, or even joy by doing some positive activities, such as their hobbies or sports. But it is precisely the tendency is they express it by consuming foods in excess, which could even interfere with their psychological and physical health.

Bingeing, When the Food Takes a Control to the Emotions
As you know, that consuming excessive food or uncontrolled eating is a symptom of mood disorder. Eating without control or bingeing is consuming a lot of food in a short time with the condition is not hungry.

When compared with bulimia or anorexia, Binge Eating Disorder (BED) or Bingeing, when the food takes a control to the emotions, is indeed not many people are familiar with this term. However, that does not mean it also reflects the number of sufferers. Because the actual number of sufferers or people with the BED trend in the world experiencing an increasing trend. As the data released by the Centre for Eating Disorder National mention that 1 in 5 women must have experienced BED.

Although seem like a trivial thing, eat crazy or much eat at BED, as stated earlier, potentially detrimental to health. And in the beginning also submitted that this disorder is different from bulimia. Because patients with BED are crazy eating will not regurgitate the food that has been consumed, or not taking laxatives. And until now the exact cause of this disorder is unknown.

Associated with health effects to watch out for by patients with this disorder is associated with the impact of weight gain and disease are derivatives that followed, such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and gout. According to our Health and Beauty Tips’s dictionary, if the intake of food consumed is not qualified, then the patient of BED also potentially malnourished and suffering from a disease that becomes its implications.

This bingeing when viewed from the side of the psyche is seen as one of the symptoms of mood disorders. While the disorder BED included in the category side symptoms of depression and compulsive occur as a habit which is too uncontrolled and repetitive. Sometimes, this kind of interference is only pure attacking of eating habits itself.

Because of patients with BED have a perspective that food as an escape way, so that their emotional that control their big appetite. And the assumption of BED patients is able to control and improve their mood by consuming a lot of food. Therefore, if their mood often goes up and down will greatly affect their reasons crazy while eating. And opportunities to suffer from this disorder are same for each gender, with an age range of 20-40 years and the risk of developing these disorders was greater in young adults than teenagers.

The potential of people with this bingeing disorder are prone on that low self-esteem, difficult to express their feelings, introverted, hard to accept the reality of life and closed people. These piles of negative emotions like fire in the husk, which can be a time bomb, which can explode at any time. And these conditions will clearly have implications for the decrease in mood, or to say the mood won't good, and will culminate in the crazy eating as an escape from feeling of the discomfort.

A relief after undergoing the eating frenzy actually begins with the stacking feeling depressed and uncomfortable feelings such. After the bingeing occurs, people with this disorder to be haunted by feelings of guilt and discomfort, it is this pattern of patients with BED.

Feelings of guilt and discomfort after bingeing was triggered by fears of getting fat, so it can disrupt and ruin the appearance and feeling of guilt as a result of the activity of bingeing. And this cycle is usually often repeated by the repetition frequency based on the level of mood that happened. So, phase of bad mood, eating crazy, then, feeling guilty will always be potentially recurring. Therefore, these patients should get the comprehensive helping immediately, both with medical and mental approach. For indeed if traced exactly based on the results of research, BED disorder is also closely related to one's personality. So, the expert can stop and cut the repetition phases of bingeing, when the food takes a control to the emotions.

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