Alert, These Habits Can Damage Your Brain

Alert, These Habits Can Damage Your Brain

Alert, These Habits Can Damage Your Brain - If you feel the intelligence and creativity of the brain are increasingly declining, then this is an indication that the habits you do have damaged your brain. Brain damage in question here, is you are losing cells that subtly changed and no longer work gradually, unnoticed. This includes cognitive abilities, memory, creativity, and learning ability that you have.

Alert, These Habits Can Damage Your Brain
It is inevitable, that life in this era demands a lot of things that triggers high stress levels. Demands to always attain the target within the work, demands to have established lives, to have a partner and a happy family. All of this did not escape from the things that always preoccupy you, and sometimes lead you to stressful.

You may be balancing them, by doing regular exercise, but you have to realize that the organs most damaged by customs above all, is the brain. To that end, before the brain gets worse, you have to stay away from the habits that can damage the brain by following:

1. Using your brain during illness
There is no doctor may recommend that you do not break when you are sick. You definitely recommended to rest, though you are already feeling better. You know, when you are sick, brain working overtime, extra harder. The brain must be alert, when there is a signal which shows an infection is transmitted by other body parts. Brain, will transmit signals to the lymph to fight infection occurred. And so anything that happens in other types of disease. The point is, the brain works very hard when you are sick.

When you force your brain to think of something else, when you're sick and your high body temperature, this condition will only worsen your temperature because the brain is too hot. All you need to do is, do a lot of thinking, when you are sick, are not forcing your brain to work harder, or your brain will be damaged.

2. Pass the time for a full breakfast
Rush in the morning, make a lot of people pass the time for a full breakfast. If you do not have time for breakfast in the morning, remember to fill your stomach with nutritious snacks and when you get to work or school. When you do not breakfast, then your brain is forced to work without adequate nutrition. This will be bad for your brain. If this practice occurs every day, then in the long run you will lose the intelligence, and the declining power of your brain working.

3. Dehydration
Most of our brain, filled with water. You know, when we were a long time in an air conditioned room, then the body will experience shrinkage of cells. This causes the body must draw water that is in the brain, so if you do not drink plenty of water, then what will happen? The water in the brain, which is sucked up by the body, causing the brain to suffer from drought. And there will not be a brain capable of having the power of intelligence, when occurs drought. You'll feel the weakness of the brain, when dehydration. Therefore, avoid dehydration by drinking water regularly.

4. The smoking habit
This kind habit is very detrimental. According to a study at McGill University, the smoke really messes up your brain. Why is that? The study found that smoking causes thinning of the cortex that occurs from time to time. This causes damage to your brain's memory, and language skills are impaired in the long term.

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