Effective Ways to Handle the Infectious Eye Disease

Effective Ways to Handle the Infectious Eye Disease

Healthy Eye – Your eyes are the window to the world. With your eyes, you can see a colorful world. With the eyes of all, we can know something is real or virtual. Well, when your eyes disturbed its health, of course it becomes detrimental to yours. Moreover, some of your friends in your neighborhood then impressed away from you, because they are afraid of contracting it. It is certainly not a situation that you want it at all.

Effective Ways to Handle the Infectious Eye Disease
Well, so the situation does not happen to you, then it helps you to understand the eye diseases and know the potent ways to handle infectious eye diseases. You have already known that the infectious eye disease can be caused by viruses and bacteria. According to our Health and Beauty Tips’s dictionary, the kinds of viruses and bacteria will spread through various media. The media used can be anything. And even the hand that was holding the eye, towels, and others can also be the media. Well, here are various infectious eye diseases and the effective ways to handle the infectious eye disease that you should know.

1. Conjunctivitis
Symptoms that appear in patients with conjunctivitis are red eyes, itchy eyes, dry feel, sometimes watery and excreting white. Conjunctivitis is an eye disease caused by bacteria or viruses. Both have the potential to infect the eye. Conjunctivitis is very easily spread. The fact is that if there is one infected person, then the people around him/her will also be potentially infected. This disease is really easy to spread from the infected eyes into the healthy eyes.

Anyone can suffer from this eye disease. The adults and children can be easily attacked by the infected eyes. Therefore, if we are already suffering from conjunctivitis, then there are some things that can be done to cure or prevent its spread, among other things:

a. You compress your eyes with warm water. And then, you immediately treat with ointment or eye drops that prescribed by your doctor. You should beware of it because this disease is very easily spread.

b. You have to try to prevent its spread, especially if there is your family, relatives or your friends who have not infected yet, among others by keeping the environment clean.

c. But, if there is people who surround you, like your family members, relatives or friends, have been infected, then there are some things that must be done to avoid contagion, namely by:

- Avoid using the same towel with a person who infected the infectious eye disease.

- Wash your hands after touching their eyes.

- Isolate the eye pain sufferer in the home until the eye pain sufferer gets the treatment intensively and cured completely.

These things are steps you can do for prevention of the infectious eye disease.

2. Trachoma
Symptoms that you can see in infectious eye disease are the red eye; remove dirt eyes, swollen eyelids and the cornea cloudy. Trachoma disease is caused by a dirty environment and poor sanitation. More specifically, the trachoma eye disease is caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis. This eye disease more often affects children. Trachoma is treatable with eye ointment (a drug for trachoma). Prevention action was the same as treatment of conjunctivitis because both are equally an eye disease that is contagious.

That is some kind of of infectious eye diseases, or rather two kinds of infectious eye diseases. When you compared them with the eye diseases that are caused by allergies, such as dakrosistitis, actually they almost have the same symptoms. It just dakrosistitis it caused by allergies with symptoms that are held in the form of red eye, pain, swollen eyelids, caused fever and it may ooze pus. The last two symptoms are the differentiator with both the aforementioned infectious eye disease, i.e. fever and remove the pus from the eyes.

That is the description of this eye health, hopefully, it benefit to every one of you, primarily related to the effective ways to handle the infectious eye disease.


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