7 Foods Causes of Migraines

7 Foods Causes of Migraines

7 Foods Causes of Migraines – In general, headaches occur as a result of muscle tension, migraine or headache with no apparent cause. Some of them also occur due to abnormalities in the eyes, nose, throat, teeth and ears. High blood pressure can cause a feeling of throbbing in the head, but high blood pressure rarely causes chronic headaches. In addition, the widening of the arteries in the head shaped like a balloon, called aneurysms, also made a tremendous headache. Therefore, you should be very clever to recognize this kind of your headache.

7 Foods Causes of Migraines

Migraine may be one type of headache that often we suffer and feel pain on the side of the head. This attack of migraine disorders you usually underestimate it, but this fact it could stimulate the occurrence of stroke and even able to lower your libido. Why could it happen? It could happen because as a result of the attacks of headache side will make your body become lethargic and drained of energy. Therefore, in order not to interfere with your activities, then You should Control Your Migraine With Avoiding 7 Foods Potential Causes that means avoid you from non healthy foods, namely:

1. The preserved meat
Meat is preserved through the process of preservation such as be smoked, be salted, fermented and acidified should be avoided, such as pepperoni, hot dogs, corned sardines. They will be able to be a trigger of your migraine.

2. Foods that have been given the additional substances
The use of additional substances which are usually mixed in food and usually also be used for a specific purpose and a special intent. They should deserve more of your attention, such as mixed with MSG, sulfites, nitrites and aspartame. Monosodium glutamate that more popular every day called MSG is usually used as a flavor enhancer. Sulfites are used to preserve dried fruits and wine. Aspartame is widely used in chewing gum and drinks as an artificial sweetener, while nitrites are generally used to preserve meat.

3. Cheese that has been preserved
You should know that tyramine is the amino acid substances which trigger headaches. As one form of protein in cheese is preserved, tyramine content which formed the amount depends on the age of the cheese. So the more preserved, then the higher of tyramine content that produced by the cheese.

4. Brown
Various studies have been conducted, including carried out by the International Headache Society. They believe that chocolate has the ability to relax the strained nerves. But apparently less than 30% of migraine sufferers who have applied it said that the chocolate is the food that  the headache trigger that should be avoided.

5. Alcohol
One of two of the causes of headache, or in this context is migraine, that the increase in blood pressure to the brain as well as the occurrence of dehydration as a result of the condition. Well, the only alcohol has the ability to cause both of those conditions.

6. Caffeine
It has been known to the public that tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks are contain caffeine. Excessive consumption of those drinks that will lead to a high content of caffeine as well. This of course can lead to migraines and headaches. Ideally consume such beverages within the bounds of reasonableness, such as only drink coffee after breakfast in the morning, no more!

7. Bananas
This fruit that we often encounter in our daily lives is in fact contain potassium. This mineral is generally beneficial for our body. However, some scientists have hypothesized that the occurrence of migraine is experienced by a person can also be caused by consuming foods rich in potassium. These minerals to trigger migraine in someone who has the sensitivity of tyramine substance is very high.

If the preventive measures against the seven kinds of food that has been done while you still get the natural migraine disorder, then you should rest and lay your bodies to relax. You should try to sleep a few hours without using the pedestal head, but still able to prop you to not kinked your neck by creating a space that is as quiet as possible. After drinking a lot of water and medicine, then you have to make your body to be the condition of relax and comfortable as possible, so that the nervous tension and mind of yours can subside.

Thats all about 7 Foods Causes of Migraines.


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