Healthy Sleeping Tips for New Mothers

Healthy Sleeping Tips for New Mothers – Becoming a mother for the first time, of course, is an enjoyable experience as well as perhaps also 'scary' for you. Lack of sleep seems to have become the norm for new mothers.

How could it be? New mom had to adjust to the conditions and time sleeping baby. Because the baby itself also adjusts the sleep time while still in the womb. Sometimes in the middle of the night, the baby was awake and did not seem sleepy. And by noon, the baby fell asleep. But sometimes the opposite, as The Health and Beauty Tips’s dictionary said. This really requires patience and stamina of a mother, a new mother.

Healthy Sleeping Tips for New Mothers

Do you have trouble sleeping when it became a new mom? It took time to rest is very important, especially for the new mother. That is why it takes the ability to manage a good time to rest and sleep in for new mothers.

Here are healthy sleeping tips for new mothers who need to get quality sleep, quantity sleep if it’s possible:

1. Nap
This is one thing that is quite difficult to do new mothers, but rest during the day can reduce the effects of lack of sleep and boost the quality of your sleep at night. Sometimes rest 5-10 minutes is enough for the body to renew energy physically and mentally. Drink a glass of water, eat a piece of fruit, stretch and close your eyes.

2. If you really can not sleep, please be relaxed
Use the time to relax. Leave all the work to sleep and let yourself relax. Tell yourself 'does not matter if I do not sleep tonight, I'll just break'. It may be difficult, but you might be surprised how quickly you can sleep.

3. Play sports
One of the hardest things to do when you become a new mother is your time seem like is up, exhausted and the difficulty of finding time to exercise. Try to exercise that will help you relieve stress and sleep more soundly.

Exercise helps reduce levels of adrenaline and other stress hormones and increases the production of hormones 'repair' the body so as to make your immune system and overall health is stronger. You do not have to go to the gym 3 times a week. Try to do it once a week, 20 minutes leisurely stroll in the park to increase the production of endorphins.

4. Reduce caffeine and alcohol
Caffeine and alcohol is a stimulant. If you have trouble sleeping or waking up feeling tired, please minimize your intake of caffeine and alcohol. In addition, you also should increase fluid intake by drinking more water, herbal teas and fruit juices. They are the best things that help you to relieve your tension and your wellness.

You have known that alcohol also can worsen your sleep. If you are accustomed to regularly drink alcohol to help you sleep, go to the doctor and ask him to help you find an alternative.

5. Learn the power nap
The strength of the nap is a short sleep that lasts 5 to 15 minutes, that is when you are approaching a state of sleep without actually asleep.

If you do not have enough time to nap, you may need to use an alarm to stop you sleeping soundly. The more you practice, the easier it is to get your comfort.

6. Environment of your sleeping
You need to keep your sleeping environment that is free from clutter and baby toys. The ideal temperature is a little cold, so it can make you sleep well.

Place a few drops of lavender in a cup of hot water on the window 20 minutes before you go to bed. You also need to keep all mobile phone and computer equipment from your room. Your bedroom should look and feel like a break you.

7. Nutrition
To obtain a good sleep, you need a good balance to produce the sleep hormone naturally like serotonin and melatonin. You need to get enough vitamin B6 and tryptophan. To increase the levels of this hormone, eat chicken, cheese, tofu, tuna fish, eggs, nuts, grains and milk. Drink a glass of milk before bed will be easier for you to sleep. Avoid skipping breakfast because it is very important to stabilize your blood sugar levels and help you to produce melatonin.

That tips to help new mothers, new mothers have babies after childbirth, who had to work hard to adapt her sleep patterns and her time in caring for her baby. Hopefully you can take lessons and benefits of healthy sleeping tips for new mothers.

The Healthy Heart with 5 Types of Sport

Exercise regularly for the heart health - The heart organ is one important organ in our body. This organ shape is a conical hollow muscle, about the size of a clenched fist, which pumps blood throughout the body. The heart consists of four cavities, left and right atrium and the right ventricle and the left.

On the left side of the heart pumps oxygenated blood to the aorta and to the rest of the body. The right side receives deoxygenated blood from the vena cava and pumps it into the pulmonary artery. The way of the heart's work is affecting our heart rate. According our Health and Beauty tips's dictionary, there are other factors that also affect heart rate, among other emotions, exercise, hormones, temperature, pain and stress.

The Healthy Heart with 5 Types of Sport
Therefore, so the heart can be normal work in order to regulate and supply the oxygen in the blood, and so regulate this heartbeat, then the efforts to maintain a healthy heart is essential for the best health. To get a healthy heart, of course someone should do some efforts, like living with a healthy lifestyle and avoid things that are harmful to the heart.

In addition, exercise can also be done to maintain your heart health. Here are 5 types of exercise regularly for the heart health that you can do and you should be done regularly so that the results can be optimized, among others:

1. The healthy walk
Sports with a walk, a healthy walk or a brisk walk in the morning, besides cheap also very good for the heart. Because a healthy walk or brisk walking can increase heart rate and lowers the risk of heart attack if you routinely perform it. In addition, this healthy way can also reduce levels of bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, improves mood and of course keep the weight off.

2. The running sport activities
Actually, it looks like the walking sport, namely the healthy sporting inexpensive and healthy, the running sport was also good for your heart health. The running exercise can improve the endurance and heart. In addition, exercise can also reduce the amount of fat around the heart and blood vessels.

3. Aerobic
This type of exercise can help you to train the heart muscle so that the stronger by exercising. Movements in aerobics can also make the heart pump blood more efficiently. Therefore, by doing aerobics it will help strengthen your heart muscle so that the heart health can be maintained and protected from the disease.

4. Swim
This type of exercise can reduce stress levels. As you know that stress can also harm the heart because it can improve the work and your heart rate. In addition, by swimming someone can actuate their muscle, which might previously never or rarely moved at all. This type of aerobic exercise can provide some benefits to the heart such as lowering heart rate, helps breathing, blood circulation and keep the blood pressure.

5. Cycling
Heart disease has actually attacked many people who have a limited activity and passive motion, why? Because one of the reasons is that if the body is less mobile, especially lack of exercise, the muscles will tend to be passive and weak. Similarly happens to the heart muscle becomes weak and is not accustomed to the activity suddenly solid, or increased activity.

Sports cycling is the one way to train your body with the fun way so that your body be active. Cycling can also be done by people of all ages. As well as the main reason is very good for heart health, blood vessels and lungs. With regular cycling will reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems such as stroke, heart attack and others.

That's some way to get a healthy heart with 5 types of exercise we should do if you want to get a healthy heart. However, remember that you should not exercise excessively, because it could also affect bad for your heart health. By doing the exercises above regularly will protect us from various heart problems and diseases. So, please remember that you should not excessive to do the physical activities and exercise regularly for the heart health.

Drinking ginger, it’s Powerful to Lose Your Weight

Drinking ginger, according to a research results can help maintain and lose weight to be ideal. A study revealed that drinking ginger regularly for 30 days can lose weight without causing side effects.

Ginger contains a compound called gingerol, which can help the process of weight loss. So when this ginger is believed to play a role in treating the disease are overweight, one of which is obesity.

Drinking ginger, it’s Powerful to Lose Your Weight

Drinking ginger will make you feel full faster and digest the food consumed. Then, how to drink ginger can help you lose weight? Here's the explanation for you:

1. How can ginger remove the fat that has accumulated in your stomach?
Drinking ginger can keep your weight remains ideal, and if it does not have the ideal body weight, ginger can also be helpful in reducing your weight to being ideal. After drinking ginger, you will feel full and reduces the desire to overeat.

In addition, ginger can suppress an increase in cortisol levels which can trigger weight gain. By suppressing cortisol levels, then the ginger plays a role in weight loss and fat loss that has accumulated in your abdomen, even without exercise.

2. How do I use ginger to reduce weight?
You can use the power of ginger in losing weight, by doing some of the following ways:

Before you eat, thin slices of ginger, grab a piece of it. Then, you can chew ginger. Chewing ginger, helps you regulate your metabolism, trigger digestion smoothly, reducing the production of cortisol and improve the body's energy. With some of these benefits, your weight will decrease and become more ideal.

In addition to chew the ginger, you can also grate a small piece of ginger. Then, add a squeeze of lemon juice and a little salt to the results of grated ginger. Mix ingredients until evenly distributed. Consumption a piece or a little of the mixture, each time you will eat. The concoction mixture of ginger, lemon, and salt earlier will help control appetite and facilitate digestion.

3. Gathering ginger tea to lose weight
Ginger, besides consuming, you can enjoy a variety of ways. One of them is to make ginger tea. Here are the ingredients and how to mix the ginger tea:


1 inch ginger

2 cups hot water

How to make a ginger tea:

Prepare 2 cups hot water into a container

Then, grated the fresh ginger until you felt it was fairly smooth

Enter the grated ginger, into hot water

If it does not find ginger, you can replace the grated ginger with 1 teaspoon of ginger powder

Then, let ginger tea water for 10 minutes in order to allow the grated ginger pulp down to the bottom of a glass

Ginger tea is ready to drink.

For the maximal results, you should drink ginger tea is as much as two to three times a day. Besides being easily created, ginger tea is also very helpful in losing weight. May be useful.


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Lowering Risk of Breast Cancer with 4 Simple Tricks

Lowering Risk of Breast Cancer with 4 Simple Tricks - Breast cancer is still a frightening specter for women. It is really in need of the women's concern to be related to their health care, as well as their friends' concern in their neighborhood. Therefore, it should not hesitate to remind each other to female health, especially the danger of breast cancer.

Lowering Risk of Breast Cancer with 4 Simple Tricks

You would have known how dangerous and terrible the consequences to be borne caused by breast cancer. According to our Health and Beauty Tips’s dictionary, everyone can potentially hit by developing this cancer. And everyone also could be at risk even worse when this disease hit, when the handling is not done quickly, and you don't recognize its symptoms.

Therefore, to reduce the chance of the cancer cells developing in these tissues, as well as in efforts to reduce the risk of breast cancer, then there are some things we can do, among others, as follows:

1. Start to limit alcohol consumption now or, you should not consume it at all
Many doctors advice to avoid or do not consume at all beverages containing alcohol, a kind of beer, liquor and wine. Actually, those are not only the beverages with low alcohol content are likely to increase the potential for breast cancer, but in general alcohol has the potential 70% to increase in breast cancer risk. By consuming alcohol with a small amount of consumption, but drinks its containing these substances believed to have the ability to increase the risk of breast cancer also.

2. Do some exercises at least 3 times a week
The exercises proven to help remove toxins in the body, including the potential toxin that develops the cancer cells. Exercise also helps train the performance of the heart becomes healthier. By doing physical activities are the best way to burn fat and calories that accumulate in the body. This method is also more effective to smooth the blood circulation and skin flexibility training as well as blood tissue.

3. Diet, lose your weight if you obese
Lose your weight and become leaner certainly much better for your health. The best menu supposed to be the best for your health too. It means that the best menu should increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and doing some exercises regularly in other hands. In addition, you should also avoid any kinds of fried foods. Because food that produce the excessive fat content in the body, it can be ascertained will be able to disrupt and damage to your health, including in this case breast cancer.

4. Perform inspection periodically or self examination as often as possible
Examination or early detection of breast cancer can check it out by you, or enlist the help of a doctor. These checks need to be conducted to determine irregularities or peculiarities that may occur in the breast. We can do the inspection in a way thoroughly palpate the breast by pressing and twisting. The presence of a lump in the breast usually indicates the presence of abnormal cells that it grows. If it is so, you immediately visit a doctor to ascertain the truth, as well as ask for the advice and the medical measures what you should do next.

From the description above shows that preventive measures are better for prevention and early detection. So, you do not need to wait until a new first hit that make you regret it. Perform preventive measures from now on for the sake of the effectiveness of efforts to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

The healthy food ingredients it is precisely potential added weight

The healthy food ingredients it is precisely potential added weight – Whether you're in the process of losing weight? If your answer is yes, that you are in the process of losing weight, then you will usually pay more attention to food ingredients and beverages.

But you also have to be careful with the ingredients that you think is healthy. In fact, these materials do not necessarily contain healthy ingredients, the material it actually adds to the calories in your body.

The healthy food ingredients it is precisely potential added weight

The healthy food ingredients it is precisely potential added weight

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the famous ingredients in cooking or as a beauty treatment. But apparently two tablespoons of coconut oil contain 200 calories and 16 grams of saturated fat that can clog the heart. So, if you use coconut oil to be aware or able to add fat in the body.

2. Vegan cheese

Vegan cheese may be an alternative for foods that are low in calories. But, according to our Health and Beauty Tips’s dictionary, vegan cheese apparently contains 100 calories per ounce, just like regular cheese, and also there are many materials such as starch and protein isolates.

3. Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce may look healthy and low in calories. But in the reality, many products of tomato sauce were added with the sugar and sodium, so that they just add a lot of unnecessary calories to the body.

4. Brown sugar

Although it is not white sugar, but the brown sugar is still the sugar that contains 16 calories per teaspoon. So you should note the addition of brown sugar in beverages, or in the end it only adds to the amount of calories in the body.

From the description as illustrated in the above article, it clearly shows that healthy food is not necessarily good for those of you who are in the process of losing weight. Therefore, you should be careful of the healthy food ingredients it is precisely potential added weight.


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Achieve Flat Belly or Flat Stomach – Do’s and Don’ts

Flat belly or flat stomach is one of the big insecurities of many people in the world. As you age, your body stores more fat especially in the belly area because of indigestion if you are not conscious of your diet and you lack exercise. Achieving flat stomach is possible if you just look around your house.


Water is just around your home. Drinking water before your meal can help you eat less plus it prepare your stomach to digest the food properly. It has appetite suppressing property that will help you lose weight. Water can hydrate your body and prevent yourself from overeating.

Achieve Flat Belly or Flat Stomach – Do’s and Don’ts

Ginger and Lemon

Ginger is known as the root around the world for its heath property while lemon has a great content of vitamin C. Ginger has an anti inflammatory properties and gastric properties that assist digestive system while lemon has a great anti oxidant that eliminates waste from the body  and detoxifies it. Keep in mind that both have properties to eliminate fat and waste from the body. A combination of ginger and lemon tea is a great way to flatten your stomach. This is a natural slimming formula that might help you lose weight.

Cut your Sugar

Too much is not healthy. Limit your sugar and look for alternatives. If you consume a big amount of sugar, it will produce fructose that result to accumulation of fat in the belly area. Drinking sweetened beverages contains a lot of sugar too. Instead of drinking processed canned drinks try to replace it with natural fruit shake. It gives you a promising taste that you will surely love and the benefit of staying fit.

Eat More Fiber Rich Food

As fiber makes your stomach healthy, it can also help digest the food and absorb nutrients from what you eat. It helps you bowel easily and reduce the feeling of fullness in the tummy. Cereals and oats are great source of fiber.


You can try an over the counter drug if you want to fasten the result of your problem.  See a doctor first before purchasing so you will have an accurate type of supplement that best suit you. Make sure to buy at a licensed pharmacy drug store.

Exercise Means a Lot

One of the effective ways to lose fat belly is exercise. Schedule your work out at least 2-3 times a week. Select the best cardio exercise that will help you slim down your body. Brisk walking, swimming or running is one form of exercise. You can enroll a program at the gym and they will help you tone your body. You can also do it at home while watching a work out video. Try to focus at the belly area and see improvement afterwards.

People have different body types. You just have to be responsible of your diet and your lifestyles if you want achieve a perfect slim flat belly. It will not give you a magical result if you only tried it once. It takes time and patience for some people.  If you combine all these tips, it will surely give you an awesome result in no time.

by : Health and Beauty Tips.

Found The Best Food for the TB (Tuberculosis) Patients

Found The Best Food for the TB (Tuberculosis) Patients – Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease in a group of infections caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB can strike at anyone, not to mention men, women, old, young, rich and poor as well as anywhere and anyone. Most of TB cases occur in the developing countries. That’s why some peoples jokingly said that TB is identical as the developed countries disease.

According to our Health and Beauty Tips’s dictionary, Indonesia has been become the world's third largest country in the TB disease problems. Recognizing the deadly threat of this disease, Indonesia adopted a policy to provide the handling carefully for people with TB, which one of them by providing the anti-tuberculosis drugs (OAT) free for 6 months. Indonesia also requires prevention as early as possible so that its peoples are not infected.

Brown Rice - Found The Best Food for the TB (Tuberculosis) Patients

One of the prevention action from tuberculosis attack is consuming the healthy food that can fight the TB bacteria. Here are some ingredients and types of healthy food for tuberculosis that recommended for prevention as well as for sufferers of tuberculosis.

1. Corn
Rich in beta-Cryptoxanthin, a type of Phyto nutrient that can reduce the risk of lung cancer. Cryptoxanthin if consumed in vegetables and fruits, nutritious protect the lungs and inhibit the development of lung cancer.

2. Brown rice
It contains selenium and vitamin E combination for improving lung health.

3. Broccoli
It's rich in nutrients for the lung health. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and watercress prevent lung cancer and may improve the symptoms of COPD and asthma.

4. Brazil nuts
They contain Selenium, which is an antioxidant mineral that protects the lungs from free radicals, slowing tumor growth and strengthen the body's immune system.

5. Egg Yolk
Despite high cholesterol, egg yolk is also a source of selenium at levels of 14 mcg per egg. Eggs are also high in protein that the body needs to repair the damage caused by smoking or disease. Because it contains proteins and fats, eggs provide nutrients and energy healing to help overcome the weakness and fatigue caused lung disease.

6. Orange
it sources of vitamin C and potassium provide low nutrient levels in people with asthma and COPD. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent secondary infections in the respiratory tract and prevent bronchial inflammation.

The sixth of food when taken correctly will help you prevent and help restore conditions of TB patients by increasing the intake of minerals for the body and lungs. So, the information above can give you the benefit to suppress the growth rates of TB by consuming healthy food for tuberculosis.


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6 Benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant Women

6 Benefits of coconut water for pregnant women – Mother, have you ever heard the advice from your elder peoples or parents in the past? If it's not mistaken, they said like this, when you got pregnant and you drink a lot of young coconut water from green coconuts, it can make your amniotic fluid become clean. And your infants also will have the clean skin, bushy hair and clear eyes.

Although so far there has been no scientific research about the truth of these recommendations, but according to our Health and Beauty Tips’s dictionary, it is true coconut water contains many substances that are beneficial especially for pregnant women and generally for women’s health.

6 Benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant Women

Here are some facts about coconut water and 6 benefits of coconut water for pregnant women and their fetus:

1. The Electrolytes Natural
Pregnant women need a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Young coconut water is a beverage that is suitable for this, because this fluid is rich in electrolytes natural, such as chloride, magnesium, sodium, and riboflavin. In addition, potassium plays an important role in maintaining blood pressure and heart health. Coconut water also contains protein, fiber, manganese, and vitamin C, all of which greatly contribute to improving metabolism mother during pregnancy.

2. The Natural Diuretics
Urinary tract infections are quite common in pregnant mothers. To overcome this problem, pregnant women may consume the young coconut water, which serves as a natural diuretic. In addition, coconut water is also the beneficial substances for the expectant mothers to discharge the toxins from their body through their urine.

3. Anti Diseases
The young coconut water beneficial for maintaining the health of mothers and their babies from viruses, bacteria and fungi. Because coconut water contains lauric acid, namely a acids that help the mothers and their babies to fight disease. The content of lauric acid in coconut water is the same as that contained and found in mother's milk.

4. Helping Digestion
The young coconut water, especially, is believed to have beneficial to solve the digestive problems. During pregnancy, the placenta produces the hormone progesterone, which slows gastric muscle contractions, that make digestion becomes slow. With drinking the young coconut water, this can facilitate mother's digestion. Because coconut water contains nutrients and oxygen that are easily absorbed into the body cells. In addition, coconut water can also improve bowel function. And it also can help relieve constipation, heartburn, and other digestive disorders, that are often experienced by the pregnant mothers.

5. Increasing HDL
According to a research, young coconut water can increase the good cholesterol (HDL) in the body and it does not contain fat and cholesterol. This is not only good for pregnant women but it’s also good for women’s health. So, pregnant women should not be afraid to drink the coconut water because coconut water does not make the pregnant women's body become more obese during their pregnancy.

6. Preventing Leg Cramps
As the gestational age increases, partly mother will feel the symptoms of leg cramps. Coconut water can be a solution to overcome them. Because coconut water contains potassium supply during pregnancy, where the mother is encouraged to consume approximately 4,700 mg of potassium. Meanwhile, in a large glass (330 ml) coconut water, contained 670 mg.

Well, it turned out the advice of elder peoples or the parents in the past as local wisdom there was something that benefit in it has proved. However, if the mothers or pregnant women still doubt the benefits of coconut water, do not hesitate to directly ask the doctor or the medical advisory when they examined their pregnancy regularly. If the results of their consultations have stated right about this, then pregnant women should not need to delay any longer to enjoy 6 benefits of coconut water for pregnant women.

A Skin Care Product Review on Advance

Non-invasive techniques may be discovered within your salon. Just prior to visiting your gemstone peel session, on the other hand, attempt to request for other more recent options that may simply have emerge. Make time to see the a number of skin anti wrinkle cream reviews on the internet and find out what's there to suit your needs together with your ageless mission to experience a youthful and glowing skin.

The maturing approach to skin could be hastened by chronic coverage for that sun, wind, dust, along with other elements. It's totally inevitable even when one happens to lock yourself up for a way you conceive eternity to become. One will discover, on the other hand, lots of techniques to decelerate aging or, no less than, hide it. Start by making up ground for that latest skin anti wrinkle cream review before you finally obtain a solution that's very good for you.

A Skin Care Product Review on Advance
Probably the most affordable means to fix hide and smooth time inside your skin is always to use sun avoidance skincare solutions for example sun lotions, skin lotions, and bleaching agents. The least expensive technique, go ahead and, is acquiring a nutritious life-style, that's interspersed with normal exercise and healthy diet regime. The final has additionally the extra benefit of producing anything else within your body a good deal better.

Another method to experience a much more youthful skin is always to physically erase the numerous years of the face by additional advance processes. Frequently costly, this method utilizes the most recent non-invasive cosmetic technologies. A few of the much more well-known ones are chemical, laser, and gemstone peel methods. These remedies may well seem so advance and sophisticated but they are certainly rather easy techniques that'll be been on mid-range to high-finish salons.

Glycolic acidity or hydroxyacetic acidity is easily the most frequent deep chemical peel agent utilized by skin doctors. An natural compound removed from sugar stick, it permeates your skin effortlessly and it is employed to minimize facial lines, acne skin damage, and hyper-skin tones. It is also employed to enhance many other skin disorders, for example actinic keratosis, hyperkeratosis, and seborrheic keratosis. Most glycolic or hydroxyacetic chemicals can be found in 10% to twentyPercent concentration for home-use. Using greater doses is good left for your licensed aestheticians that are skilled to handle chemicals. Salon treatments ordinarily get among 15 and half an hour in 4 to 6 treatments. The unwanted effects you might experience are momentary redness combined with gentle stinging sensation.

Yet another chemical that could be applied is trichloroacetic acidity that will eliminate sun-broken skin layers and precancerous lesions including actinic keratoses. TCA is frequently a far more effective chemical and customers are suggested to help keep out of the sun for any certain time period.

Microdermabrasion is the one other process you can easily try. The procedure utilizes a mechanical exfoliation instrument using the adjustable suction to get rid of the dead skin cells with the epidermis. Diverse skin doctors use instruments expected with incredibly great deposits of various coarse components including aluminum oxide, those who are and chloride, sodium chloride, and gemstone. Some skin doctors present non-toxic natural grains from plant life including maize, sunflower, and stick sugar. Some Asian salons use synthetic bristle methods too.

Well-loved at this time would be the laser rejuvenation therapy, which relies on a broadband laser source. The painless process will require about 30 to 60 minutes although remedies final 4 to 6 days. The concentrated light encourages the development of new bovine collagen and removes excellent facial lines, blotches, and scars. Laser rejuvenation therapy evens skin skin tones by stimulating the bloodstream ships. Additionally, it minimizes the pore measurement and acne scarring.

They are only a couple of from the non-invasive methods found within your salon. Prior to visiting your gemstone peel session, nonetheless, make an effort to consult for other more recent options that may possibly simply have emerge. Make time to see the a lot of skin anti wrinkle cream online reviews and find out what's there for both you and your ageless mission to possess a youthful and glowing skin.

The writer states that they should normally choose organic acne remedy. She can make her living being an editor of the organic skin items magazine along with a fashion add-ons trade journal.

Tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu

Tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu – Decreasing of endurance levels is usually characterized by an easier to get flu, fever, sore throat, cough, and infections. A transition season usually makes people vulnerable to decreased immunity, so it easily the virus invades the body and cause symptoms of those illnesses. Aside from eating foods that can boost the immune system, we also need to do some things that not susceptible to a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu

Tips to Increase Endurance, so that is Immune from Viruses and Flu

Sports and maintain weight

Exercise has many benefits. In addition to toxins can be released from the body by stimulating blood circulation and boost immunity. Losing weight is also very important, because the medication or vaccination can not work with a maximum in people who are obese.

Keep your hands clean

Objects such as mobile phones, doorknobs, house keys, car steering wheel, according to research is the place inhabited by viruses and bacteria. In fact, these objects are very familiar with our hands everyday. Thus, the hand can also carry germs from everywhere including such places. You have to always diligent to hand washing with soap. Disinfection is a basic requirement if you want away from bacteria and viruses. Wash your hands to rub together, on the sidelines of a finger, and then dry them well. This is because the bacteria are more likely to stick to the fingers are wet. Do not use a wet towel to wipe their hands.

Enough time to sleep

The average healthy person is in desperate need seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Adequacy and quality of sleep will keep you healthy, and if less than seven hours can make you vulnerable to virus attacks.


We all would have been aware of the positive effects of this meditation. It will not only strengthen your mental, but also will prevent the stress that can lower your immune. Sitting in a relaxed, clean your mind, and take a breath regularly and slowly from the nose, and out of the mouth. Do this meditation a few minutes every day. You can also take a yoga class.

Eat healthy

Consuming fresh fruits are very important, because most fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will keep your immune. It is also recommended to drink good probiotic bacteria such as lactobacillus, which will keep you away from the trouble of a stomach infection.


Eating raw garlic is said to help fight the virus. You could chop 1 clove of raw garlic, and then mixed with your food.

Adequate water intake

Never disregard for the health benefits of water. Adequate water intake is always needed by the body to prevent dehydration, so the flu and infections approaching quickly recover or not.

Stay away from sweet foods contains high sugar

Sugar in any form, including sweets, drinks, or food can lower immunity and resistance to colds or flu. The immune system will stop fighting an infection for a few hours after you consume food or drink that is sweet.

Drink supplements

Tablets of vitamin C may be useful to help fight colds. Consume enough vitamins C is recommended, in any form, including supplements. Supplements of vitamin C may be very necessary for you that every day is the environment with high levels of pollution.

Stay away from stress

According of Health and Beauty Tips Dictionary, Stress can lower your immune system. Once or twice a month goes to relax your body, can with spa therapies that can make you into a completely relaxed. Relax your mind and body that can help you to cope with the antibodies and infection with a much better way.


Clean surfaces such as door handles, knobs, phones, chairs, etc. at home on a regular basis, because the place is often seized with germs. Take one liter of clean water; add a cup of vinegar, one teaspoon dish-washing liquid, and 10 or 15 drops of essential oils as a spray or a natural anti-bacterial cleanser.

So some great tips for you to know, hopefully you can take a lot of benefits from the tips to increase endurance, so that is immune from viruses and flu.

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