Benefits of Breastfeeding

Benefits of Breastfeeding – Breastfed can jump-start the development of the baby's brain with an increase of up to 30 percent. According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, children who were exclusively breastfed at least three months of brain development are 30 percent higher in key parts of the brain that controls language skills, emotion and understanding, said the experts.

Results of research in children under four years of age who received breast milk showed rapid progress, especially in brain development. Results of research conducted at Brown University in America, found that when the baby reaches the age of two years, there are real differences in their brain structure.

Benefits of Breastfeeding
Dr Sean Deoni, professor of engineering and the lead researcher was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail edition June 7, 2013, said that he founds differences between 20-30 percent of brain development, among infants who received breast milk and which do not.

Using the technique of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the brain of infants who received breast milk at the beginning of their development, and babies who received formula milk scanned and compared. The results showed that babies, who were breastfed exclusively experienced faster growth in the brain in the white part tissue containing nerve fibers were long associated with parts of the brain used for learning. It also shows that breastfeeding the baby brain boost capabilities. Instead formula-fed babies have fewer white part.

This study was conducted to determine the occurrence of brain development in the early ages. This research examined 133 infants who were born at almost the same time and come from a family that is almost the same. By comparing the amount of myelin in children younger and older, the researchers calculated the effect of breastfeeding on brain development.

Scientists support the results of this research with a set of cognitive tests which demonstrate the ability of language, visual reception and motor control that turns everything better in infants who received breast milk.

In addition, the scientists also found that the longer babies breastfed, the better their brain development, especially in parts of the brain that has to do with movement and coordination.

Although research published in the journal Neurolmage is not the first time found a link between breastfeeding with brain development in children, but Dr Deoni says that this is the first time MRI scans are used to compare the children who were breastfed and children only gain formula.

Dr Deoni also said that he thinks this is a wonderful thing because we can see the difference from the very beginning. Combined with the results and other evidence, he agrees to say that breastfeeding gives a very good result. And also by breastfeeding the baby brain boost capabilities.

That's all about Benefits of Breastfeeding.

Diet and Foods for High Blood Pressure, Hypertension

Diet and Foods for High Blood Pressure, Hypertension - High blood pressure is a silent killer and one should try to maintain blood pressure below 140/90 mm Hg to prevent the risk of heart diseases which is caused due to high blood pressure. In America an average diet contains good amount of fat, salt, cholesterol and calories, and the lifestyle of people is very sedentary, that raises the risk of heart diseases.

Diet and Foods for High Blood Pressure, Hypertension
Around 50% of the people, who suffer from high blood pressure, are not aware of their condition, but certain groups of people are at a higher risk such as:

1. People who smoke (active or passive)

2. Suffering from diabetes

3. Family history of high blood pressure.

4. Obesity or overweight

5. Leading a sedentary lifestyle or being physically inactive.

6. Men above the age of 45 years and women above 55 years.

7. People who have a high cholesterol level

8. Women taking oral contraceptives

9. People who belong to African American group

10. Taking excess quantities of alcohol or other beverages.
What to avoid in the diet to prevent the condition?

1. Sodium
Reduce intake of high sodium diet. Buttermilk, pickles, cured meats, sausages, canned fish such as salmon and tuna should be avoided. Processed meats, packaged food items such as frozen dinners, pizzas and pot pies are high in sodium and it should be avoided. One should not take more than 2,300 mg of sodium in the diet.

A simple method of testing high sodium content in food is - if you can taste salt in the food, then it contains a good amount of it. Even salt substitutes may not be safe. One should be cautious and avoid any substitute without the approval of a medical practitioner.

2. The bad cholesterol
Reduce intake of food items containing bad cholesterol. Certain cooking oils can have bad cholesterol. A person requires not more than 150 mg of cholesterol each day.

3. Reduce intake of fat
Reduce intake of food which is high in fat. Canned soups and packaged soups contain preservatives and chemicals should be avoided. 27% of the calories should come from fat and 18% of the calories in a day should come from proteins. Cheese products are also high in fat.

4. Drugs and medicines
One should not take drugs such as aspirin, which have anti clotting properties. Such drugs raise the risk of heart attacks.

5. Nicotine
Reduce intake of nicotine. The chemicals in cigarette constrict the blood vessels and it can narrow the veins to increase blood pressure.

What to include in the diet?    

1. One should include a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in diet to reduce fat intake.

2. Take low fat milk and milk products.

3. Include wholegrain products in the diet.

4. Fish and poultry can be included.

5. Include fiber in the diet, up to 30 mg of fiber should be included each day in diet. One can get fibers from whole wheat, cereals, oatmeal, popcorn etc.

6. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, peas and beans can be included in the diet as it contains a good amount of magnesium and potassium.

7. Apples, mangoes, apricots, bananas and grapefruits are also high in potassium and magnesium.

6 Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Nails

1. Utilize nail hardeners moderately - or not whatsoever

A lot of toe nail hardeners do much more damage compared to good.

Except if nails are remarkably weak as well as fragile, a lot of people don't take advantage of a toe nail hardener.

Healthy nails are versatile nails, so to preserve yours through breaking, avoid something that makes them much more brittle - for example nail hardeners.

6 Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Nails

Make use of a treatment bottom coat which is suitable for your toenail type as an alternative.

2. Moisturize the nail and the follicle

While there is tiny in the way of health-related data displaying that hydrating the nail will help nails grow, it will make cuticles look much better and help guard nails from splitting due to not enough moisture.

Your nails are susceptible to breakage; it may mean they require moisture. Thus, by placing oil around the follicle it helps to be able to moisturize the entire toenail, which will decrease the chipping, damage, and breaking.

And, do not forget the rest of your palms, and biceps and triceps too.

3. Avoid tough emery boards

These old-fashioned orange emery planks can be far too harsh for nails, creating small fissures and also cracks that cause breakage as well as tears.

Rather we recommend a person file your nails with an even, fine record. And, will not saw backwards and forwards! Instead, document in one direction simply. Do it gradually and consistently to reduce likelihood of breakage.

4. Will not overdo hands washing and also limit get in touch with cleaning chemical compounds

As healthy as possible to wash your palms frequently, go crazy and can inflict havoc with your nails!

In case you are in an occupation where repeated hand cleansing is mandatory, make use of a moisturizer as much as possible and also rub some extra around the cuticles many times a day.

When performing housework or perhaps laundry, or perhaps washing your automobile, minimize make contact with harsh chemical substances, including dish-washing liquid, by putting on rubber mitts whenever possible.

5. Bear in mind toenails rely too

Precisely what applies to your finger nails applies to your nails - because ft are more usually inside sneakers - a darkish, moist atmosphere - fungus may grow more easily.

Reducing toenails in an angle - rather than straight around - increases the likelihood of ingrown nails, which can be unpleasant and sometimes become an infection.

Therefore, remember - slicing them directly across is best.

6. Seal your toenail polish

Creating a nail shine that is gleaming and shiny looks excellent.

7 Foods Causes of Migraines

7 Foods Causes of Migraines – In general, headaches occur as a result of muscle tension, migraine or headache with no apparent cause. Some of them also occur due to abnormalities in the eyes, nose, throat, teeth and ears. High blood pressure can cause a feeling of throbbing in the head, but high blood pressure rarely causes chronic headaches. In addition, the widening of the arteries in the head shaped like a balloon, called aneurysms, also made a tremendous headache. Therefore, you should be very clever to recognize this kind of your headache.

7 Foods Causes of Migraines

Migraine may be one type of headache that often we suffer and feel pain on the side of the head. This attack of migraine disorders you usually underestimate it, but this fact it could stimulate the occurrence of stroke and even able to lower your libido. Why could it happen? It could happen because as a result of the attacks of headache side will make your body become lethargic and drained of energy. Therefore, in order not to interfere with your activities, then You should Control Your Migraine With Avoiding 7 Foods Potential Causes that means avoid you from non healthy foods, namely:

1. The preserved meat
Meat is preserved through the process of preservation such as be smoked, be salted, fermented and acidified should be avoided, such as pepperoni, hot dogs, corned sardines. They will be able to be a trigger of your migraine.

2. Foods that have been given the additional substances
The use of additional substances which are usually mixed in food and usually also be used for a specific purpose and a special intent. They should deserve more of your attention, such as mixed with MSG, sulfites, nitrites and aspartame. Monosodium glutamate that more popular every day called MSG is usually used as a flavor enhancer. Sulfites are used to preserve dried fruits and wine. Aspartame is widely used in chewing gum and drinks as an artificial sweetener, while nitrites are generally used to preserve meat.

3. Cheese that has been preserved
You should know that tyramine is the amino acid substances which trigger headaches. As one form of protein in cheese is preserved, tyramine content which formed the amount depends on the age of the cheese. So the more preserved, then the higher of tyramine content that produced by the cheese.

4. Brown
Various studies have been conducted, including carried out by the International Headache Society. They believe that chocolate has the ability to relax the strained nerves. But apparently less than 30% of migraine sufferers who have applied it said that the chocolate is the food that  the headache trigger that should be avoided.

5. Alcohol
One of two of the causes of headache, or in this context is migraine, that the increase in blood pressure to the brain as well as the occurrence of dehydration as a result of the condition. Well, the only alcohol has the ability to cause both of those conditions.

6. Caffeine
It has been known to the public that tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks are contain caffeine. Excessive consumption of those drinks that will lead to a high content of caffeine as well. This of course can lead to migraines and headaches. Ideally consume such beverages within the bounds of reasonableness, such as only drink coffee after breakfast in the morning, no more!

7. Bananas
This fruit that we often encounter in our daily lives is in fact contain potassium. This mineral is generally beneficial for our body. However, some scientists have hypothesized that the occurrence of migraine is experienced by a person can also be caused by consuming foods rich in potassium. These minerals to trigger migraine in someone who has the sensitivity of tyramine substance is very high.

If the preventive measures against the seven kinds of food that has been done while you still get the natural migraine disorder, then you should rest and lay your bodies to relax. You should try to sleep a few hours without using the pedestal head, but still able to prop you to not kinked your neck by creating a space that is as quiet as possible. After drinking a lot of water and medicine, then you have to make your body to be the condition of relax and comfortable as possible, so that the nervous tension and mind of yours can subside.

Thats all about 7 Foods Causes of Migraines.


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Healthy Skin Lightening

Healthy skin lightening - Most of us have different explanations why they would desire to whiten their particular skin. There are so many goods in the market that claim to provide safe skin lightening but the truth is that many of them are much less safe since they claim to be. Residence Skin Whitening can be a program that's been created in the eye of assisting skin whitening lovers. It contains specific true info for quick usage and knowledge by any person that wishes to possess the perfect skin. This program is affordable providing value for the money spent acquiring it with the easy remedies and also tested recipes that it is offering. They are all an easy task to put together and make use of for effective skin lightening results.

Healthy Skin Lightening

Healthy skin lightening

What it delivers

According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, this e-book is created and created by Dr. Shah, an authorized dermatologist and also Dr. Laura Jefferson that is an accredited skin medical doctor and investigator. She provides step by step methods for bleaching the actual skin using organic, safe components from the capability of your home. The components included in the system are in your area available in food markets and home; all of these are safe and also natural. Mcdougal goes more to give simple strategies which very easily get rid of skin problems including acne, dark spots, pigmentations, freckles and flaws among others.

Within the book, simple do-it-yourself products for lightening the skin are available for best results when compared to the other chemicals that are based in the market. Besides getting the step-by-step guide regarding how to work on the actual skin, the advantages as well as threats from the programs about the skin are also pointed out. You will for illustration, find excellent healthy diets to market healthy skin and diet plans which make many skin issues a whole lot worse and need to become avoided. You'll easily learn to achieve and gaze after a consistently toned skin and also items which assist in the prevention of skin discoloration, unequal lines and skin new moon.

Home Skin Bleaching recommends healthy dwelling for a glowing skin and also diet plans which enhance this particular to the highest.

Does it Work?

Oahu is the wish of everybody to have clear beautiful and faultless skin. This kind of skin includes a definite means of boosting self-confidence and tends to make us look great as well. Fairer whitened skin is considered to be best by many which explain why skin lightening is much popular. Compared to some other products and programs designed to use dangerous substances that can have side effects on the skin as well as general health, Residence Skin Whitening through Dr. Shah is very impressive. That’s all about Healthy skin lightening.


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Diet Programs and Meals - The Astro Diet

The Astro Diet relies on the signs of the Zodiac. This diet divides people into two groups, who are known as the Salties and the Sweeties. The salties group includes people, who are born under the following signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The Sweeties group includes Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. Food guidelines differ for each group, and there is a food horoscope for each sign of the Zodiac.

According to the Health and Beauty, the salties are advised to eat more fruits, legumes, starchy foods, and cereals. They should avoid potato chips, peanuts and cold cuts. Suggested foods include soy sauce, smoked salmon, and plain yogurt. The sweeties may lose weight by eating foods whose sugar digests slowly. They shouldn't eat foods rich in glucides between meals. Carbonated drinks, fruit juice, ice cream, dry cookies, and jams are no-nos. On the plus side are bread, tomatoes, and wine. As a Sagittarius I am counseled to reduce my consummation of animal protein, grease, heavy starches, and alcohol. On the other hand, I should eat more vegetables, apples, and sushi and drink more green tea. I have counseled not to eat too much fat at dinner. You definitely won't find me following this diet.

Diet Programs and Meals - The Astro Diet
A major advantage of this diet is that it's not strict. One might conceivably follow it for life. A disadvantage for many people is the diet's reliance on astrology. Furthermore, the Astro Diet does not provide any information on calorie management or suggestions for the weight loss rhythm. It is complicated for a family whose members were born under different astrological signs.

Here are two sample menus: Menu 1 (Cancer) Breakfast: A bowl of oatmeal and a glass of soy milk. Lunch: Lemon chicken, ratatouille, and an apple. Supper: Vegetarian lasagna and two scoops of sherbet.

Menu 2 (Virgo) Breakfast: Two slices of whole grain bread with light jam and a pear. Lunch: Grated carrots, a grilled steak, and green beans. Supper: Spaghetti with meat sauce and a baked yellow apple.

Some of the information in this article comes from a fascinating new book, La Bible des Regimes, which was written by Jenny de Jonquieres and published by US Media. Her book describes over 80 diets and weight reduction programs. Each diet is presented with 5 menu plans, a detailed discussion of its advantages and disadvantages, and a whole lot more. La Bible des Regimes are presently available only in French.

Vegetarian Recipes - a Way to Eating Healthy

Vegetarian Recipes - a Way to Eating Healthy - More and more people are choosing to eat a vegetarian diet because they know that veggies are healthful food. Using low calorie and vegetarian recipes is one of the most important things you can do to protect your heath and the health of your family since obesity is now an epidemic in the United States and other developed countries. Cooking them is still better than the alternatives to a vegetarian lifestyle or a vegan lifestyle, but we receive the most nutritional benefit from ingesting whole and organic raw foods. They will often include many of the vitamins, minerals, and sources of nutrition that everybody needs. These low calorie recipes, usually high in fiber, protect against digestive disorders such as diverticulosis and may offer protection from colon and lung cancers.

Vegetarian Recipes - a Way to Eating Healthy

Many low calorie and vegetarian recipes use soy, tofu, dried beans and peas add protein to meals. Using low calorie recipes will provide a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes, adding high amounts of all the essential vitamins and minerals. Subscribing to vegetarian magazines, scouring newspaper food sections, and visiting veggie websites will bring you a respectable number of recipes, but it's more convenient to have hundreds and hundreds in one place.

Including a few vegetarian recipes into your diet can quickly improve how you feel and can be part of an overall health plan that will improve your life. And contrary to popular belief, these recipes are full of the taste and enjoyment of many other foods you eat. Incorporating vegetarian recipes into any diet will bring variety and give healthy eating options. Plus, vegetarian cuisine is chock full of dishes that are robust and flavorful, and a match for any standard meat dish. Such treats as squash with tofu, vegetarian paella, and baked figs with dried fruit and anisette may well convert some confirmed carnivores to part-time vegetarians. Many of these recipes cook faster than those made with meat.

As more people juggle trying to eat healthier with their busy lifestyles, they may find that vegetarian slow cooking provides an answer. What I like best about slow cooker. The vegetarian recipes are that the long, slow-cooking process enriches the flavor of the dish in a way that other cooking methods can't match. The gentle, slow-cooking process actually draws more flavors out of the ingredients. In addition to convenience, slow cooking also scores high marks for taste and nutrition since the long cooking time allows both flavors and nutrients to concentrate in the food. While the slow cooker was once synonymous with a cooking pot roasts and other meat dishes, just as my friend discovered, the Vegetarian cook will find a vast number of ways to use it.

Exploring vegetarian recipes are great simply to spice up the kitchen with something new. Whether you are choosing to eat vegetarian dishes as a permanent diet or as part of a healthier lifestyle, Vegetarian Recipes is packed with ideas to tempt the most committed carnivores.

Food for Eyes

Food for eyes - Nutrition matters especially when looking at protecting the healthiness of your visible system. For example, it supports the prevention of a number of vision circumstances and eye illnesses. An example of a vegetable that suits into this kind of category will be the Carrot. Carrots are usually an important part of your everyday diet for healthier eye-sight. From that points regarding view, in case you are interested in food items that are great for your eyes, listed below are a variety of main reasons why Carrots certainly are a beneficial accessory for your eating plan.

Food for Eyes

Food for eyes

1. Protects Vision: Carrots are probably the various food items for eyesight abundant with Vitamin A, which usually according to research may prevent this related eyesight disorder known as macular degeneration. This kind of vitamin aids the part of your eye area called the macular which can be responsible for enhancing visual skill (sharper eye-sight). As we grow older the normal purpose of the macular actually starts to decline considerably. According to, a deficiency within this vitamin can lead to blindness. The actual AMDF: The United states Macular Degeneration Basis states that macular weakening is the top cause of loss of sight in the United States impacting more us citizens than cataracts as well as glaucoma. Consumption of simply 1 serving associated with Carrots daily can actually lower your risk of building this perspective disorder simply by 40%.

2. Prevents Cataracts: Studies suggest that the Carotenoids within Carrots particularly Beta - Carotene, might aid in the protection against cataracts. Cataracts are shaped when the eye zoom lens becomes over cast. This causes an obstruction of light coming into the eyes which can lead to loss of sight. Eye surgery processes can appropriate this problem. Nonetheless, as the saying will go, an ounce regarding prevention surpasses cure. The particular preventative nourishment that green beans supply the eye helps you to stay away from the expense and also the risk connected with eye surgery. Green beans supply the face with the right nourishment that prevents cataracts through developing to start with.

3. Prevents evening blindness: This kind of food for eye health contain Vitamin A that assists improve night time vision. An insufficiency in Vit A cause’s night time blindness, this particular negatively has an effect on your ability to determine clearly through the night and in darkish light. Despite the fact that your ability to find out clearly during the night diminishes with grow older, Vitamin A will help either sluggish the advancement of poor evening vision as well as prevent this particular vision reduction. Always talk to your eye care doctor to determine the correct dose of a vitamin needed to fit your individual wants, in addition to if there are virtually any underlying health conditions affecting your vision. That’s all about Food for eyes.


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Effective Ways to Handle the Infectious Eye Disease

Healthy Eye – Your eyes are the window to the world. With your eyes, you can see a colorful world. With the eyes of all, we can know something is real or virtual. Well, when your eyes disturbed its health, of course it becomes detrimental to yours. Moreover, some of your friends in your neighborhood then impressed away from you, because they are afraid of contracting it. It is certainly not a situation that you want it at all.

Effective Ways to Handle the Infectious Eye Disease
Well, so the situation does not happen to you, then it helps you to understand the eye diseases and know the potent ways to handle infectious eye diseases. You have already known that the infectious eye disease can be caused by viruses and bacteria. According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, the kinds of viruses and bacteria will spread through various media. The media used can be anything. And even the hand that was holding the eye, towels, and others can also be the media. Well, here are various infectious eye diseases and the effective ways to handle the infectious eye disease that you should know.

1. Conjunctivitis
Symptoms that appear in patients with conjunctivitis are red eyes, itchy eyes, dry feel, sometimes watery and excreting white. Conjunctivitis is an eye disease caused by bacteria or viruses. Both have the potential to infect the eye. Conjunctivitis is very easily spread. The fact is that if there is one infected person, then the people around him/her will also be potentially infected. This disease is really easy to spread from the infected eyes into the healthy eyes.

Anyone can suffer from this eye disease. The adults and children can be easily attacked by the infected eyes. Therefore, if we are already suffering from conjunctivitis, then there are some things that can be done to cure or prevent its spread, among other things:

a. You compress your eyes with warm water. And then, you immediately treat with ointment or eye drops that prescribed by your doctor. You should beware of it because this disease is very easily spread.

b. You have to try to prevent its spread, especially if there is your family, relatives or your friends who have not infected yet, among others by keeping the environment clean.

c. But, if there is people who surround you, like your family members, relatives or friends, have been infected, then there are some things that must be done to avoid contagion, namely by:

- Avoid using the same towel with a person who infected the infectious eye disease.

- Wash your hands after touching their eyes.

- Isolate the eye pain sufferer in the home until the eye pain sufferer gets the treatment intensively and cured completely.

These things are steps you can do for prevention of the infectious eye disease.

2. Trachoma
Symptoms that you can see in infectious eye disease are the red eye; remove dirt eyes, swollen eyelids and the cornea cloudy. Trachoma disease is caused by a dirty environment and poor sanitation. More specifically, the trachoma eye disease is caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis. This eye disease more often affects children. Trachoma is treatable with eye ointment (a drug for trachoma). Prevention action was the same as treatment of conjunctivitis because both are equally an eye disease that is contagious.

That is some kind of of infectious eye diseases, or rather two kinds of infectious eye diseases. When you compared them with the eye diseases that are caused by allergies, such as dakrosistitis, actually they almost have the same symptoms. It just dakrosistitis it caused by allergies with symptoms that are held in the form of red eye, pain, swollen eyelids, caused fever and it may ooze pus. The last two symptoms are the differentiator with both the aforementioned infectious eye disease, i.e. fever and remove the pus from the eyes.

That is the description of this eye health, hopefully, it benefit to every one of you, primarily related to the effective ways to handle the infectious eye disease.


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Different types of vitamins contained in mushrooms

Different types of vitamins contained in mushrooms – Maybe most of you have already known mushrooms, and most of you also like mushrooms, which are processed into delicious dishes. But, do you know what kind of mushrooms that can be eaten?

Edible mushroom types generally have a savory taste and odor, although only cooked in a simple. Perhaps, you wonder why?

According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, mushrooms naturally contain substances that are like flavor, so even though your soup without MSG, is guaranteed to be good and delicious. Then, what is the savory flavor of mushrooms in line with the nutrients, especially vitamins found in it?

Different types of vitamins contained in mushrooms
Besides the delicious taste of mushrooms naturally, it also contains the complete of vitamins, and certainly healthy for your body.

Mushrooms are very popular in many parts of the world, and have traditionally been long believed to be useful for health. As mentioned above that the mushrooms have a substance that is as a flavoring, so it is suitable cooked in various ways, sauté, soups, stir-stir, even just in the puree in lieu of flavor MSG.

There are different types of vitamins contained in mushrooms; there are about 8 types of vitamins that are found in mushrooms. In addition to vitamin D, there are another 7 part of what is called the Vitamin B complex. And everything is definitely a substance needed by the body's health. Along with a summary of the benefits of each vitamin, you need to know the following list of types of vitamins that are found in mushrooms:

1. Vitamin D

Mushrooms are a natural source of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Lack of vitamin D can lead to various health problems such as muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, chronic pain, stroke, hypertension, birth defects etc. Even mushrooms can be a delicious supplement to prevent vitamin D deficiency

2. Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 or Thiamin is also found in mushrooms. This vitamin is responsible for controlling the release of energy from carbohydrates, which is also necessary for the functioning of the nervous system and brain were normal.

3. Vitamin B2

Besides Thiamin, Riboflavin or mushrooms also contain vitamin B2, which is beneficial to promote better vision and eye health. Not only that, riboflavin is also useful to keep red blood cells healthy, which ultimately to strengthen your immune system. Vitamin B2 contained in mushrooms is also responsible for healthy skin.

4. Vitamin B3

Niacin is also part of the vitamin B complex, also called vitamin B3 - essential vitamins that are also found in mushrooms. This vitamin helps control the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The tendency benefits are to keep your body's nervous system and digestive system in order to remain in good condition.

5. Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is naturally found in mushrooms. It is a vitamin that is essential for a variety of roles in the metabolism of your body. Pantothenic acid also helps in the production of hormones in your bodies.

6. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps to improve mood or your mood. Vitamin B6 set the internal clock in your body, and that is very important for the development and normal brain function. This vitamin is also responsible for reducing mood swings and depression.

7. Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is also known as folic. Vitamin B9 plays a role in the formation of white blood cells and red blood cells residing in the bone marrow. Folic is also very important for the growth of a healthy body; especially pregnant women are advised to consume folic, for the normal growth of the fetus in the womb.

8. Vitamin H

The latter is Vitamin H, is still a member of the vitamin B complex, it has another name is biotin, which also found in mushrooms. This vitamin is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, as well as strengthens your health by improving immunity.

Above are list of different types of vitamins contained in mushrooms. Actually this vitamin can also be found in many other vegetables, but this vitamin can lose easily if the vegetables are cooked in water at the boil in the long term. Meanwhile, mushrooms do not require the long term cooking, so the vitamins in it are not lost easily.

Excess another fungus is low calorie, cholesterol-free and fat free. So, it's very suitable, especially for those who are trying to maintain their weight or lose weight.

You should be careful due that is not all types of mushrooms are edible, even the majority of them are toxic. So, you should buy mushrooms that have won the trust for public consumption. In addition, they are sold at the store or seller reliable. You do not try to take by yourself the mushrooms that grow wild in nature without having a clear knowledge, because it can be very dangerous to health, including poisoning, can lead to cancer, etc. So, you have to keep careful choosing and consuming mushrooms, so you can get the benefits of different types of vitamins contained in mushrooms.


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